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Tolkien, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, and Turbine. Here we have couples from Middle-earth arriving in this game show to talk about dating, their lives and the ups and downs of it all. Frodo runs out onto the stage, before a massive applause. Of course we’re going to do a dating game slash couples therapy. Frodo smiled back at the camera.“Forgive me, but the cleaning crew just arrived.” Frodo pointed to one of the television screens. for some odd reason.”“Get this trash out of here, before Mr.

Again: Welcome to The Lord of the Rings couples’ therapy game show! ” Aragorn shouted, running from one end of the stage to the next.

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Give them a round of applause.” He waited until Éomer and his dark haired lass sat down on the chairs across from him. “So Éomer, you’ve been with Lothíriel for a few months. ” Lothíriel asked.“Okay.” Frodo turned to the camera, once more. “Anyway, cue Gimli.”The television screen revealed Gimli and his beagles.

His gaze fell on Boromir – we mean Éomer – “You’ll have to forgive the Narrator. “Now we move into our next segment: Gimli and his tap-dancing dog – or penguin.” He asked, confused. One of the beagles was standing upright, bouncing up and down in the hopes of getting a treat. Maybe it was better that he stuck with what he had: his friends and his life.

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