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An interface specification is considered to be at the implementation level of detail if, when implemented by two different software engineers in ignorance of each other, the resulting components plug and play with each other at that interface.Any Schemas (xsd, xslt, etc) that support an approved Implementation Standard can be found in the official OGC Schema Repository.

It should NOT be used as a questionnaire with children and families: its purpose is to support social workers in recording and analysing information gathered during an assessment.To create a collection or record variable, you first define a collection or record type, and then you declare a variable of that type. A collection that is created in a PL/SQL block (with the syntax in Collection) is available only in that block.A nested table type or varray type that is created at schema level (with the CREATE TYPE Statement) is stored in the database, and you can manipulate it with SQL statements.The OGC net CDF encoding supports electronic encoding of geospatial data, that is, digital geospatial information representing space and time-varying phenomena.This standard specifies the CF-net CDF data model extension.For children and young people who remain looked after for longer periods, further assessments will be recorded when using the Assessment and Progress Record.