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The piano has been maintained and is still capable of being played daily, but major parts will likely need replacing in the near future.A rebuilt Steinway is a piano in which all the components have been rebuilt to its original condition.Yet again we have an amazing 22 Steinways in our 21st September 2017 Auction Sale, including a pristine 2004 Model A grand. A 9ft 3in Model D282 concert grand piano in a bright ebonised case on square tapered legs. ” A question impossible to answer, of course, since when it comes down to the top makers’ pianos, personal taste of tone etc., comes into play. A Model MPX70 upright piano with Disklavier system in a bright mahogany case; together with a matching stool. EXTRAORDINARY BRINSMEAD SELLS WELL Lot 60 in our Auction Sale of the 22nd June 2017 realised the top end of our expectations.Steinway (c2004) A 6ft 2in Model A grand piano in a bright ebonised case on square tapered legs. £25,000 - 30,000 CONCERT GRANDS In our September 21st 2017 Auction Sale we have more than our usual share of 9ft Concert grands. Certainly one of the most highly regarded (and most expensive! A Model U1X upright piano in a bright ebonised case. Not only a wonderful marquetry inlaid case but inside an historic invention known as the ‘Brinsmead’s System of Consolidated Iron Wrest-Plank’.The market is low (Why exactly : I'm not sure) But a friend of mine who owns a super large antique store told me people want them , but do not have room for them). We only paid a little over 0 for my organ, but it is priceless to me. Tuning pins that test lower than about 30 inch lbs. If you want to restore it call a professional and get a price. We had a technician do a preliminary tune and check, and had to pay piano movers to bring it 5 blocks to our house, so the "free" piano has actually cost us a few hundred dollars, all told, and would have been more if we decided to attempt tuning it regularly. There are cases when there is a need for a pitch raise so that the piano will achieve A440 or standard pitch.And everytime I look at it, I wish I had one on every wall. will not tune to standard and will not hold tune at standard pitch. Tell your people wanting one and I will find them a dozen if thats what they want. anthony I too have an old upright piano with a thick slate piece across the back. As such, in spite of the fact that I as a woodworker love its good looks, and my wife and son as players love to tickle it, we are getting rid of it and purchasing a piano in much better condition that can stay in proper tune. We get Decker, Chickering, and many others that are art case pianos and are worth restoration. By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

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If you could let me know, it would be greatly appreciated! I would like to be sure and know the exact year it was built. You can't be exact on this..did not make many pianos and was a mail order firm and discontinued operations after a fire in 1922. for 00 (this is just a low estimate for restoration) you could find any number of really good pianos. anthony From what I have gathered in the research I have done in the last few days, the Pianos are definitely worth more than the organs. It has aone in thick slate backing on it that covers the entire back side of the piano! Usually the bass strings are dead and the tuning pins loose. If it is tuned to standard pitch, then you are ok for a practice piano for students. So keep it in perspective and then you won't be disappointed if a technician tells you that it is not fit for will know what is so. Hi there Sandel The cost for piano tune up will depend on the location that you are in. here is a real important point..your piano tune to standard pitch, A=440hz? If you don't, then the piano is actually firewood as a possibility. My granddaughter, now 5th generation is now learning to play on her great great great grandfathers piano!! here is where the rubber meets the road so-to-speak: when a piano no longer holds tune and other problems arise which they will, then at that point it is necessary to bring them back to specs to use as a musical instrument for students and general musical reasons.With over 200 piano manufacturers in the early 20 th century there are many well built and wonderfully sounding instruments to choose from.The best way to determine is to have a qualified technician evaluate the piano for being a potential restoration candidate.Some major components commonly rebuilt are the soundboard, bridges, and action parts, as well as the case.